What happened and what you can learn from it

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I gained 10,000 followers in one weekend on the social media TikTok.

I always thought it would take a few years of consistent work but instead it happened in one spike. Today I would like to discuss elaborate on my history with social media, describe TikTok, explain my viral video, and reveal to you my new routine.

I’m not a social media user

This is bad because I’m in marketing.

I stopped using Facebook freshman year of college when a female classmate that I just met said, “Oh I remember seeing your Facebook. You have nice lips.”

This strange comment prompted me to deactivate my account…

Learn what it is and how you can develop it

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I completely forgot my speech when I stood in front of my high school 10th grade English class. During the five seconds of silence, my face became increasingly red as the judgment of my classmates’ eyes seared my confidence.

I felt alienated, incompetent, and humiliated.

I understand why public speaking is the number-one fear. It’s incredibly vulnerable and we humans are prone to mistakes. The pressure can easily doom your performance.

Speech class didn’t change me

I hated how I performed that day, so I signed up for a summer class at the community college.

While I learned a lot about how speeches were structured…

How to motivate yourself to care and get that top score

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I hated standardized testing. The only thing that was cool was that my name was short and took less time to bubble than the rest of my class.

It’s natural to dislike things you suck at. Unlike my peers in my honors and AP classes, I got an embarrassingly low score the first time I took the SAT.

Even though I didn’t prepare for the SAT, I thought I was at least going to get a 2000 out of 2400 (based on the old scale) like my friends. Nope, I scored a good few hundred points lower.

I was in…

Two-word game changing mentality revealed

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We all have this in common — we are masters at comparing ourselves to others.

We get upset when our peers do better than us. We scheme how we can make it up and be better. Sometimes we let the envy and jealousy sink into our souls and demotivate us.

All this comparing and imitation does one thing. It makes you another admission package waiting to be rejected from a top school.

Imagine though, if you stopped yourself more often. You could find activities that you actually enjoy and revel in. You could stop the endless jealousy and chart your…

4 surprising advantages an accountability buddy gave me after 3 months

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Don’t have an accountability partner? You should.

My accountability partner motivated me to publish my first article. She also pushed me to decide on my freedom number and strategize how to get to early retirement.

I finally made meditation a habit. I used to struggle to meditate when career and business priorities came up.

It might be crazy to think that an accountability partner could have so many advantages, but stick with me, here’s a few it gave me.

1. I Learn To Coach Myself

“First master the fundamentals.”

―Larry Bird, Basketball

When you have an accountability partner, you are responsible for setting your goals and…

The detriment of comparison and a better way to live

Comparisons Are Absolutely Worthless
Comparisons Are Absolutely Worthless
Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

My mom always compared my younger sister and me: how my sister was easier as a baby; how my sister was better at drawing; how I was more responsible with money.

Whether positive or negative, the comparisons always pitted my sister and I against each other. Instead of wanting to help each other, we resented each other.

Worse, there was no way to win this game. Sure, I could save more money than my sister, but my sister is better than me at a hundred other things.

Listen, my problem isn’t with my sister or my mom. It’s not even…

A high-achiever’s guide to slowing down and enjoying the process

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I can’t stand people who are overly full of enthusiasm.

You know why?

Every time I’m in a deep work mode in the office I get interrupted by the other more enthusiastic pod.

I’ll be deep in some analysis, then I’ll hear:






It doesn’t help that we have loud party music constantly accompanying the office chatter, and TVs playing breaking news continuously adding to the energy.

The truth is, I’ve never enjoyed celebrating

When I got my Ivy League acceptance email, I couldn’t believe my…

My process from clueless about my strengths to becoming supercharged

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You know those job interview questions about your strengths and weaknesses? I had zero idea what mine were, so I made something up. I always felt like an imposter when anything involving self-reflection came up.

In the workforce, the biggest time of self-reflection is the annual performance review. In my first job, we were always told to evaluate ourselves and then our boss would use that in their evaluation of us.

It started in an online assessment where I was faced with a wall of text and bubbles.

Questions that asked me to rate myself on a scale of 1–5…

Actionable tips for responding to negative and critical remarks

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“Grandma! I got into Harvard!” I gleamed.

My grandma’s eyes glittered for one second.

She responded, “What about Stanford? It’s ranked the best college in the Chinese newspaper.”

My world came crashing down.

I was never good enough for my grandma

I thought I was going to be free of her by ignoring her calls and at times blocking her when she called incessantly. (I know it sounds mean but seriously, she maxes out my voicemail box).

When I was in college, I would receive 20+ missed calls from her daily and 20+ missed voicemails. Pretty soon, my mailbox would cry “I’m full.”

My psychologist didn’t let me off the hook

I thought my psychologist was…

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