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I completely forgot my speech when I stood in front of my high school 10th grade English class. During the five seconds of silence, my face became increasingly red as the judgment of my classmates’ eyes seared my confidence.

I felt alienated, incompetent, and humiliated.

I understand why public speaking…

A high-achiever’s guide to slowing down and enjoying the process

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I can’t stand people who are overly full of enthusiasm.

You know why?

Every time I’m in a deep work mode in the office I get interrupted by the other more enthusiastic pod.

I’ll be deep in some analysis, then I’ll hear:




My process from clueless about my strengths to becoming supercharged

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You know those job interview questions about your strengths and weaknesses? I had zero idea what mine were, so I made something up. I always felt like an imposter when anything involving self-reflection came up.

In the workforce, the biggest time of self-reflection is the annual performance review. In my…

Actionable tips for responding to negative and critical remarks

Image by Himsan from Pixabay

“Grandma! I got into Harvard!” I gleamed.

My grandma’s eyes glittered for one second.

She responded, “What about Stanford? It’s ranked the best college in the Chinese newspaper.”

My world came crashing down.

I was never good enough for my grandma

I thought I was going to be free of her by ignoring her calls and at times…

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